How it Works?

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What’s Dental Water Cooler?

Have you ever wondered how to start your own podcast show, so that you can easily communicate the message about good oral health and dental care to a larger audience? Ekwa Marketing will work closely with you on a novel and innovative platform to bring the Dental Water Cooler, which is your own podcast show. The benefits for you would not only be the creation of awareness about sound oral health, but also becoming a star with your very own fan base.

How it works?

Everyone joining the water cooler sessions will have to go for the starter package. Thereafter, we have three packages – Premium, Gold and Diamond – to select from ( Those joining with a sponsor would find it free while the others would have to pay for the service.

During the Starter phase, which is the first two months, it’s compulsory that you go with a pre-approved sponsor and therefore, you cannot pay. From the third month, you can pay or continue with the same sponsor.
As the benefactor, you will have to highlight the sponsor by mentioning and thanking them at the commencement and end of the session. A ‘Sponsored by —-‘ tag will be featured in all promotional graphics while a slide highlighting sponsorship details will be added to the episode video which will be featured on the water cooler website.

What are the benefits available to a dentist through a water cooler program?

In this Digital Marketing Era, proper utilization of the internet can give a huge boost to any business including those of dental professionals. Thus, podcasts and water cooler sessions can be used as a key platform to dominate online media as an industry expert. This would enable you to outrank your competitors and show drastic growth in your business.

  • With your own water cooler show, you can reach your audience in an effective way.
  • You can become a dental industry expert and share your expertise and knowledge on oral health with the target audience.
  • You can access a large number of stakeholders through this media and encourage meaningful interaction with them to grow your tribe.
  • Gain new leads from potential clients.
  • Gain an online reputation among clients and competitors as a renowned speaker and industry expert.
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