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The Efficient Practice
with Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel

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It is an invitation to all Dentists, New Dentists, Practice owners, Associates, Dental Team Members (hygienists, assistants, front office) to reignite the passion for dentistry, become a leader for your team and help you to create an atmosphere where patients love to come in and pay you for your services!

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Water Cooler Sessions

The Efficient Practice” with Dr. Evelyn T.Samuel will be on air via zoom at 8PM EST on the following days:

  • Feb 1920
    Setting The Vision
  • Mar 1920
    Practicing Dentistry
  • Apr 1917
    Running The Business
  • May 1915
    A Cluttered Desk
  • Jun 1919
  • Jul 1917
    The Art of Delegation
  • Aug 1921
    Running Behind

About Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel

Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel is the founder of the Efficiency Institute, CEO of the Samuel Dental Group and host of the Efficient Practice Podcast.

Billed as the dentist’s dream coach, she has connected countless dentists and other sole-practitioner small businesses to efficiency, profitability, and sanity.

With close to 20 years as a CEO and practicing dentist operating in the top 1 % percentile of her field, Dr. Samuel realized her purpose was to help others attain and realize their purpose, especially in the areas of business efficiency, profitable systems and achieving a balance that leads to long-term self-actualization.

She’s the author of the highly-acclaimed 100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry: A professional’s guide to efficiency, profitability, and sanity.

Her world renown Efficiency Institute provides the practical tools, methodologies, and systems that you’ve been seeking to start your own dental practice and make it profitable: Telephone Bootcamp-Everything You Need to Know About First Impressions for Your Office (includes a live, interactive virtual workshop); How to Start a Practice From Scratch – A step-by-step Approach to Launching Your New Dental Practice, enables dental practices to implement strategies for improvement from the comfort of their own offices.

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